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As a boutique law firm, Lampariello Law Group provides direct, quality representation to all manner of clients. Our firm specializes in handling personal injury claims, as well as insurance and business disputes, and real property transactions.

If you're considering taking legal action, need legal advice, or need to defend your interests from another party, don't hesitate to contact Lampariello Law Group for a free consultation.

Motorcycle Accidents

Our Florida motorcycle accident attorneys at Lampariello Law Group are dedicated to helping you receive legal compensation for motorcycle accident injuries or the death of a loved one.



While you focus on your family and recovery, we will work on obtaining all necessary information to hold negligent parties and/or stubborn insurance companies accountable. Don’t let the thought of expensive medical bills prevent you from getting the care you need.


Real Estate

Florida real estate laws are quite complex in nature, often requiring a multifaceted approach for negotiating these transactions. We are equipped to resolve all your legal issues pertaining to real property, whether they are residential or commercial in nature.


Areas of Focus

Know Your Lawyer

Nicolas Lampariello
Nicholas graduated from the City University of New York, then moved to attend the prestigious St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami.


Joshua Christensen
Joshua is a dedicated, passionate attorney who diligently fights to protect the rights of his clients.


Brion Ross
Mr. Ross has more than 6 years of experience as a litigator, handling a wide variety of Criminal Defense cases.