About Us

If you’ve been injured, then you need to act quickly in order to protect your rights.

At LLG, our attorneys are prepared to fight for you.


Our philosophy is one of service – making sure we provide our clients with the best possible representation to protect their rights and interests. Our extensive experience in handling persons injured, dealing with insurers, and navigating the courts means that LLG is able to bring a unique level of quality to your case.

We specialize in fast, effective solutions to legal problems – and we bring that specialization to the front of our Injury practice. If you have been in an accident, don’t hesitate to contact LLG today.

We will do everything in our power to see you receive the highest quality treatment from the best medical providers, and to ensure that your rights are protected as you recover. We will bring the fight to the insurers and the liable parties, to see that you get any and all damages you might be entitled to.


  • Client focused services
    • LLG works for you, and we’re always available whenever you need us.
  • Experienced litigators
    • Ready to fight for your rights in the courtroom and out.
  • Client communication
    • Always know what’s going on with your case, and how we plan to move it forward.
  • Real solutions
    • We pride ourselves on being direct and effective.